Art2Wear 2016 – 2017


Art2Wear (A2W) is celebrating its 16th year as a student-organized runway show that presents fashion, costume and wearable sculpture created by the students of the College of Design at NC State University. This annual event is organized and hosted by the College of Design’s Art + Design department and beyond to display juried examples of our best student work each spring through runway and exhibition.


A2W’s vision is to challenge our audience and designers to question the boundaries and conventional definitions of “fashion." We seek to explore new fashion ground and create new design pathways by encouraging our students to blend their technical skill with innovative technology.

“Fashion” as Defined by A2W

A product or sculptural piece that interacts with the body and serves as either a cultural artifact, an artistic expression, a reflector of society, outward illustration of a person’s identity (including but not limited to social class, religion, and ethnicity), starter of revolutions, economic building block, basic human need, or body covering.

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