Looking for a CTO!

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Why, hello there…

Téa Blumer is a recent valedictorian of North Carolina State University.

During her college career she’s won over a dozen scholarships, co-founded the first Adoption-based club at her university, and won numerous awards for her art and design work.

As an Art + Design and Graphic Design graduate, Téa is prepared to design the user experience and user interface of the website, using her knowledge of various artistic techniques and web platforms. From designing professional contemporary logos in her freshman year of high school, to freelance design contracts with local companies, Téa’s entrepreneurial and ambitious spirit has led her to being named NCSU’s Most Outstanding Woman of 2018. Her broad artistic and design work has been presented on billboards, featured in international film festivals, walked the runway, and won numerous design awards. Now, Téa focuses her energy towards a personal, passion-project; re-launching a site and community she grew up in, the same site that inspired her to become a designer.

Téa is currently a Miller Fellow and participant in the 2019 Velocity Accelerator.

ABOUT HER startup…

iScribble: The interactive drawing and chatting platform for artists

Created in 2006 as a coding exercise by a single developer, iScribble was never intended to gain such popularity. Development stopped just a year after creation, and without any advertising, reached over 630,000 registered users by 2018. The success of iScribble can be accredited to the positive receptivity from the digitals arts community, and the result of peer-to-peer sharing. iScribble was acquired in 2018 and is undergoing renovations and rebranding to assess current market demands.


Téa’s Connection…

Téa joined iScribble as a user in 2010 and gained a positive reputation before becoming a moderator. She learned drawing skills from other website members, and made lasting friendships. She took the opportunity to acquire the site in 2018 and her passion for iScribble fuels her desire to see it become a successful community and competitive platform.

Looking for…


Téa is looking for a talented and ambitious cofounder to join her as iScribble’s CTO – chief technical officer. The ideal candidate will have experience as a full-stack developer and strong appreciation or interest in the visual arts field.

She is looking for an individual who shares the following traits and skills:
+ Entrepreneurial Mindset
+ Self-motivated Ambition
+ Commitment and Passion
+ Art-appreciation
+ Grit and Empathy
+ Excellent Verbal Communication
+ Interpersonal Skills
+ Creativity and Innovation

She is looking for the following skills to act as a compliment:
+ Full-stack Development Experience
+ Strong Public Speaking Skills
+ Strong Decision-making Capabilities
+ Strategic Thinking
+ Planning and Delivery
+ Persuasion and Influence
+ Financial Management Skills
+ Technical Leadership
+ Excellent Writing Skills

Get in touch

To inquire more, please email tea.blumer@gmail.com and share how you heard about this opportunity.